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    The Racial Reckoning: Promising Promises and Diversity Danger Zones

    Date: November 10, 2020, 7:30am – 9:00am
    SHRM Berks Chapter
    Virtual Session via Zoom
    $10 members / $15 non-members donation to Helping Harvest
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    The Racial Reckoning: Promising  Promises and Diversity Danger Zones


    In 2017,  society finally acknowledged what was undeniable: the pervasiveness of sexual harassment. In 2020, society is finally acknowledging the degree of anti-Black racism and implicit bias when It comes to race/color.

    Every employer must do even more to prevent and respond to racism. But that’s not enough. Employers must do even more to increase the opportunities for racial equity by looking at implicit and systemic bias.

    Of course, it is a matter of justice and fairness. But we must never lose sight of the quality imperative of not harnessing the talent in the Black community.

    This program will focus on how implicit and systemic bias work together to limit opportunities for Black applicants and employees.  After a discussion of what implicit (unconscious) bias is and how individuals consciously can minimize it, the program will discuss systemic safeguard to maximize racial and other forms of equality.  The program will also discuss diversity danger zones, that is, steps some employers have taken to increase diversity that may also increase lawsuits, too.  The “how” of increasing racial and other diversity is critical in order to stay within the restrictions imposed by Title VII and we will focus on the how.