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2017 Survey Results

    CLICK HERE to view specific results from each question on the survey.

    As many of you are aware, the D&I Committee surveyed the membership, at the end of the second quarter, to determine the status of D&I and how the D&I Committee could assist. We appreciate the valuable input which we are using to develop our business plan for 2017-18, and we thank you for your participation. Listed below is a summary of the results. 

    We had 45 members that participated in the survey. It was somewhat alarming to us that 32% of the organizations within our membership, have no D&I initiative. We found that over 62% do not have a plan or clue as to how to start. Therefore, initiating a strategy may be a training opportunity for the D&I Committee.

    Not surprising was that most organizations, even those without a formal plan, use D&I to promote recruitment and hiring practices. We believe through education and training, we can raise appreciation and have more organizations understand the additional value of having D&I celebrations in the workplace. Recognizing and celebrating diversity holidays has a great impact as it serves to make employees feel valued and has a positive impact on employee engagement.

    HR tends to lead the D&I initiative. However, several organizations stated that they have accountability for D&I throughout their organization and at all levels.  We hope that individuals from these organizations will reach out to us and perhaps share their best practices that we may include at a diversity event.

    Only 25% of organizations have complete support from their leadership team, and 50% have little to no support. Another opportunity for the D&I Committee to assist members with how to obtain buy-in.

    Although race, ethnicity & culture along with gender have the greatest impact, we can not lose sight of religion & sexual orientation as this is a major dimension of diversity in other organizations outside of Berks County.  It is important that we do not take our eye off of this area.

    The two barriers to D&I include a lack of leadership and cost of implementing and maintaining D&I, which go hand-in-hand. Very often, once leadership provides support, the benefits negate the cost.  Lack of time and not knowing where to start represents 50% of the barriers which again presents a learning opportunity.

    When asked about the value of D&I to the profitability and organizational effectiveness, we are concerned that 9% of our participants did not see the value of D&I, and 18% are neutral to the benefits. Another opportunity is for education and training.

    On the other hand, most organization agree that D&I is beneficial to its employees in all areas of employment. Organizations agree that employees are more engaged, feel valued for their contributions, better able to service a diverse customer base, assist with increasing the pool of candidates, and have greater retention of employees.

    When asked about education and how they stay current, most of the participants utilize SHRM National. We are pleased to see that many also look to our local chapter and several commented that they value our D&I Committee. Thank you.

    The results of the survey indicate that members would benefit from a training and development strategy that includes initiating a strategy, obtaining leadership buy-in, and general education.  Members would prefer a morning presentation or a workshop not to exceed 3 hours.

    We thank all of you for providing this information which is allowing us to put together an impactful plan for 2018. Our D&I Committee is highly engaged with many members participating in events in Reading such as the Diversity Network and other monthly events happening in our area. We are committed to meeting the needs of our membership. 

    Please reach out to Denise Lee, any committee member, or Wendy if you have any questions. Thank you.